I am a Natural Health researcher, nutritional consultant, and bioanalyst. I constantly continue to study the Natural Health information of a wide variety of Natural Health experts and natural health advocates. One example is Dr. John Bergman, who literally saved my life after I found out I had symptoms of RA. He doesn’t know me, but I learned enough from his videos to get me on the right path. That is when I lost full faith in anything medical, unless a trauma. That is when I learned how powerful natural healing can be. It’s can be pretty simple, but not easy. 

All my life I knew I was meant to help people, but it took a lot to find out how I could do that best. Not until seeing what the medical system and mainstream health information has done to my best people, and then even to me, did I realize that the medical system is not there to create good health. As Dr. John Bergman says, we don’t have a health care system, we have a sick care system. 

I strive to  empower people with knowledge. This society has conditioned people to believe we need to ask someone else for the answers all the time and ‘follow doctors orders’. That’s not the way to good health. Not physically, mentally OR emotionally. 
Good health is about being in tune with your own body. Your body knows best, so listen to it. I will provide info in this website about ways you can learn to trust your body through muscle testing, pH testing, and even into topics such as energy healing and biofeedback from devices such as Spooky2, which I use, and am looking into others as well

I am done putting so much time and energy into FB. Please visit here often, ask questions in the comments, and visit our private website The Natural Health Library – Your online source for natural health information.

There you will find a few different blogs, groups, a huge natural health library you can search, and a colloidal silver share program. We are continuing to grow and expand, so please stay connected. It’s only a matter of time before FB is no longer available for our natural health tribe.