Nature teaches us and provides for us all we need for good health.

My main purpose for this blog is to enlighten people with knowledge, truth and wisdom. Social media is censoring information more every day, even Nobel Prize winners, speaking in their field. 

The truth is you can find your own truth, given the chance to explore other avenues than mainstream lies coming at you from every direction. 

I freely share natural healing healthy information so that more and more people will be able to take steps to look after our own health, instead of having to rely on those that make the largest profits on patients that never heal, so are taught to tell patients that they need drugs and have conditions that cannot be cured or helped in any other way than to follow “doctor’s orders”. Those are lies and it is absolutely criminal that they should get away with such misinformation. They prescribe toxic drugs while scaring their patients away from harmless natural protocols using vitamins and other supplements. As Andrew Saul says, “no one ever died from taking too much vitamins”. But we know plenty have died and are dying every hour from pharma drugs.

I look at health from 3 angles. Mind, body and spirit. Ridding our bodies and our minds of toxicities will allow our spirits to shine through, helping us to achieve our unique purpose for being on this earth. 


Take control of your mind. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions.


Nutrition, fresh air and clean water are essential for the body, but without peace of mind and spirit the body will always suffer.


The new society tells us to stand together by standing apart. I say stand together and rise up. Spread the truth far and wide, keep your love of the truth close by your side.

Everything is Connected

Take time to look beyond what your eyes can see.

Take time to smell the flowers

Take time to empower your health with knowledge

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