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My LifePro vibration platform is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my overall health, along with my LifePro massage gun, because of the many benefits they offer. Improved circulation, increased bone density, decrease or eliminate joint and other body pain, helps burn fat and more.

I have quickly become amazed with my vibration plate so even though it’s only been a short time. 
This is my latest positive experience. I noticed improvement immediately with stiffness and pain, and improved sleep, but I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for almost 30 years. It has been well managed for the past several years, no problem sleeping, but still, every morning if I get writing or typing for more than 15 min. or so it starts to tingle, gets numb, burns, and feels swollen and is impossible to keep typing etc. so I have to shake it out and get off the computer for awhile, then it’s good for the day after that. It happens every morning, and has for a very long time. But TODAY, for the first time in 20 or more years that I was able to type and write for ages in the morning, made me lose track of time because I didn’t have that reminder that it was time to take a break and get into my morning routine.
I’m not saying it will cure your CPS, especially if yours is much worse than mine, but it sure did fix mine. Last night I knelt on the floor with my forearms and hands on the board in vibration mode. Maybe that’s what did it, I had only stood on it before that.
Here is my affiliate link for the LifePro products. Check out the deals, the reviews, and reviews on Amazon to see how popular these things are. I am beginning to see for myself it’s because they work!