The Noble Silver Galvanizer 2 with Jar


The Noble Silver Galvanizer2 with Jar.

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The new Noble Silver Galvanizer2 is 32V so brews a little faster than the original Galvanizer. 

Brewing time for 1 quart is under 3 hours using distilled water only, and 1 hour or less if you use 1 cup of the colloidal silver from your previous batch. This applies to pure distilled water. Some Brewing times are close to double for 1/2 gallon batches. Full instructions can be found here:

Noble Silver Galvanizer Instructions

This colloidal silver brewer comes with 1 set of 6-inch, 16 gauge .999 silver rods and
1 Lightweight, impact-resistant 1 quart PET plastic jar, with plastic lid.
The unit works as is in Canada and the USA. For overseas countries check out the wall plug adapters also available, or you can use one of your own.

* Any 1 or 2 quart wide-mouth glass or plastic jar can be used. For best results use a jar (glass or plastic) with at least a 3-inch opening.
For 1/2 gallon jars I prefer Anchor Hocking jars. They are shorter and wider than regular mason jars. Having the wires further apart makes smaller particles which is preferable.

*Note: The Noble Silver Galvanizer2 has a 9-month warranty (upgraded from 6 months for the original model) from the date of purchase in the following manner:

The exceptions/conditions to this warranty are:

  1. If the device was connected to a higher voltage source than it was designed for (110-120 and 240-250 volts AC).
  2. If the device was exposed to water or other liquids, or if the device has been opened. (We’ll know!)
  3. If the device has been abused/mistreated – bashed, smashed, broken, cracked, etc. Lightly scratched is ok.
  4. If the wires or clips were handled and were allowed to touch each other while the unit is turned on. This may short circuit the unit and is not covered by warranty. The instructions clearly state not to handle the unit when it is plugged in. Always have it set to go before plugging in and unplug when finished brewing before disassembling.

If you are unsure if your unit is working try brewing tap water. If it is working you’ll see ‘smoke’ coming off of the silver rod rather quickly.

Additional information

Weight 0.288 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 15 cm


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