By Angie Mohr and Christine Dubyk 50 million years ago when India and Asia collided and the Himalayas were formed, tropical ecosystems were compressed between the earth’s plates for millions of years. They reached their maximum stage of decomposition and became a nutrient dense biomass that ascended upwards with the growth of the mountains until […]


I am holding a live video on Dec. 8, 7:00 PM at The Natural Health Library FB group. The winner will choose from the following products: REVITAGLOW LIGHT THERAPY MASK  RevitaGlow Light Therapy Mask   LUMICURE TORCH LIGHT LumiCure Torchlight   LUMICURE TORCH LIGHT PRO LumiCure Pro Light Therapy Torch   BIORECOVER LIGHT THERAPY KNEE […]

LifePro Sales Just Got Better! 

25% OFF PLUS A FREE GIFT  *This post may contain answers to the upcoming free giveaway contests.  Disclosure – if you use my links for LifePro products I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I appreciate the support and it helps me be able to hold contests with free prizes! LifePro […]

Overnight Fermented Oats

This is a much healthier way to consume oatmeal for all of you oatmeal lovers! You can consume these raw or cooked. Soaking and fermenting the oats helps break down anti-nutrients like phytic acid and lectins to make it more digestible and makes the nutrients more bio-available. Oats are 1.49% phytic acid. Some nutrients that […]

Multi Tasking Exercises with LifePro Vibration Therapy and FlexCycle

For good health we often think about diet and supplements and forget about exercise and relaxation through meditation, being in nature, sauna etc. Our bodies are designed to move but these days too many of us spend too much time at our computers, sitting at an office job, sitting in our cars or watching TV. […]


I have done a lot of pressure canning over the past year. I have not done a lot of water bath canning but starting researching into the different methods different people use. The FDA and other alphabet agencies in the US will tell you that you MUST pressure can low acid foods. People all around […]

LifePro Products

LifePro Products  I have several LifePro products and have not yet been disappointed.   My Favorite LifePro Products 1.The Rumblex Plus Vibration platform – long list of benefits, lifetime warranty. All of their platforms are highly recommended. It offers therapeutic vibrations that wake up muscles throughout your body, increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles. […]

Noble Silver Galvanizer Instructions

Here are some resources for anyone who has ordered my Noble Silver Galvanizer, or are interested in learning more about it. The Noble Silver Galvanizer2 Do not plug in the Noble Silver Galvanizer until after it is all set up and ready to brew. NEVER let the alligator clips or the silver wires touch each […]

25 Unexpected Uses for Borax Around the House

BY PREPAREDNESSMAMA ON JANUARY 20, 2022 If you’ve found yourself with more borax than you know what to do with, you’ve come to the right place! This old time product has many uses besides your laundry.Excitingly, the same borax that you’ve stored around the house for years has some surprising uses. It can clean your house, supplement your […]

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay can be used in and outside of the body for detox and contains over 70 minerals. This is one of my favorite clay videos. It shows how man learned about clay by watching animals consume it. There are birds that risk their lives to eat clay. At a certain time of year some […]

How E-cigs Can Alter Your Brain, Heart, Lungs and Colon

STORY AT-A-GLANCE An animal study shows that daily vaping with flavored pods can increase the inflammatory process through multiple organ systems, with the most striking changes happening in the brain, which may contribute to behavior changes and mood disorders Past research also showed flavor pods damage endothelial cells that line your arteries, which may cause […]

How to Keep Your Connective Tissue Strong as You Age

Why Collagen Is Crucial for Bones and Skin Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked May 04, 2022 STORY AT-A-GLANCE Collagen is the most common and abundant of your body’s proteins. One of its primary purposes is to provide structural scaffolding for your various tissues to allow them to stretch while still maintaining tissue integrity Collagen is […]

32 Ways to Flavor Water

SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 · BY MONICA SHAW We all know it’s important to hydrate, but sometimes plain water seems a little bit boring. So I’ve been exploring natural water flavourings using fruit, herbs, and spices. These healthy all natural ingredients can all go a long way towards making water taste better, without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. […]

Avocado Seeds Cure Cancer Study Reveals

Is this true? I wouldn’t rely on it alone but I would certainly be using them as a preventative or along with a cancer protocol. Avocado Seeds Cure Cancer Study Reveals by The Animal Naturopath | Nov 18, 2019 | Food, Nutrition and Minerals, Uncategorized | 1 comment Avocado Seeds Cure Cancer Conclusive Study Reveals     Here is why you should never […]

Smoothie Basics

Smoothie Basics – by Angie Mohr Have you been letting your blender collect dust? If you have, it’s probably time that you brush off that dust and get blending! Most people are in a hurry when they eat, and don’t chew enough. Blending the food makes it more bioavailable for the body. Unless you have perfect […]

Vitamin B1 by Dr. Eric Berg

This video is chucked full of information about B1 that could help a lot of different people with different health issues.

Mineral Rich Milk Recipe by David Wolfe

Silky Mineral Rich Milk Recipe Here’s a recipe I scooped up from David Wolfe. If you don’t have all of the ingredients it’s ok. You are the boss of your blender drinks! Be creative. You can use olive or avocado oil instead of coconut oil, pine nuts or other nuts instead of hemp seeds. It […]

Home Made Rice Milk

Home Made Rice Milk Recipe I’ve been trying different non dairy “milks” lately on my non-kefir days, which aren’t milk of course but I use them in place of milk for my smoothies.I got liking rice milk the best lately, but there are no good brands in Canada without at least canola oil so I […]