LifePro Products

LifePro Products

I have several LifePro products and have not yet been disappointed. 

My Favorite LifePro Products

1.The Rumblex Plus Vibration platform – long list of benefits, lifetime warranty. All of their platforms are highly recommended. It offers therapeutic vibrations that wake up muscles throughout your body, increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles. This enhances your body’s natural ability to regenerate cells and repair itself – toning muscles and increasing motion, flexibility, and comfort from your very first session. It can increase bone density and help drain the lymphatic system while simply standing on the plate. I find it invigorating and my body feels relaxed and rejuvenated when I’m done. I also used it to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms I was having in the mornings by using it at night with my arms resting on it for about 1 minute is all it takes.
2. Sonic Plus Massage Gun – Nothing I’ve tried provides such quick relief from muscle pain and stiffness, especially after sitting too long or first thing in the morning. LifePro massage guns are powerful and effective. 
3. RED LIGHT THERAPY – The AllevaRed Light Therapy Belt is my favorite but I just got the BioHeal Red Light PaneTORCH LIGHT and the RejuvaWrap Infrared Sauna Blanke. I know when to take advantage of a good sale! I also want to be able to review the products before recommending them.
I have a LEGRA HAND MASSAGER also and love it. I haven’t decided on the Vizacure yet because I haven’t used it enough.
4. FlexCycle – This is my latest purchase and just love it. I sold my big heavy exercise bike that was taking up way too much space in my living room. The FlexCycle is light (less than 20 pounds) and compact and you can sit in a chair to use it, indoors or out. It’s ultra quiet and has Bluetooth so you can use it with apps and compete and race with others, including your friends. 

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  1. I think you might have sent me a promo post card for a LifePro vibrating ball? It arrived and it resolving the TMJ that’s causing ear popping. Thank you!

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