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LifePro Light Therapy and Other Product Info

RED LIGHT THERAPY has many different benefits and uses, so the best product for you will depend on what you plan to use it for. Red light therapy helps accelerate healing, alleviates muscle and joint pain, increases blood flow, reduces wrinkles and more.


The AllevaRed Light Therapy Belt and the AllvaRed Light Pro Therapy Belt are two of my favorites because they are so versatile. You can wear them around your waist or shoulder or other body parts during treatments while you move freely around the house if you use a power pack. Any power pack with a USB port works. It can be used up to 3x a day for up to 30 minutes per treatment. I love wearing it while I use my
Vibration platform or FlexCycle. I am all into multi-tasking. I sometimes wear it at the computer with it plugged into the PC USB port. You can also use it on a bed along your spine or leg. I treat my cat with it as well. He tends to lick fur off his belly from allergies. He really likes laying on it and it helps him because he barely licks when I get him on it a few times a week. You do not need protective glasses to use the belt. You can even prop it against a pillow facing you, while you lay on your side with it a few inches from your face (do NOT wrap it around your head). It can also hang on a door so you can stand close to it.

The BioHeal Red Light Panel

works very well sitting on a desk but it comes with several attachments so it can hang different ways on a wall or door. It should be used with the protective glasses it comes with but some people use it on their face with eyes closed the whole time and some use it to improve eyesight. It can be used on any body part. I often have it on my desk shining on my face while I work at the computer but also stand with it shining on my back or hip area and lately trying it different ways, even laying on my side while it shines on my back while laying with hip and leg on the belt.

The  Lumicure Torch Light and the Lumicure Pro Torch Light treat small areas, like an elbow. I had a terrible case of tennis elbow that kept me awake the first night until 6 a.m. I started using the torch light on it 3x a day and it healed completely in 2.5 days. I stopped the treatment on my elbow and the pain returned after a month. I treated it again but this time it healed in 1 day, but I kept treating it for 3 more days, 3x a day. That was 8 months ago and no pain has returned. Some people shine it on the roof of their mouth for any brain issues (headache, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) and have had some good results. I don’t have those issues so can’t speak from personal experience. I do use it on spots on my back when they are sore as well and yes it does help. There are different modes, some for skin and skin deep issues, and the invisible mode goes much deeper to treat muscles, joints, and organs etc. This is a very powerful light and should always be used with the protective glasses it comes with so you don’t damage the eyes. Both lights come with the glasses. I use it right against my skin for deeper treatments so don’t always have the glasses on but you do have to be conscious about that, it will damage your eyes if you look right into the light. I have found that it gives the quickest results because it is so powerful but again, can only treat one little spot at a time. You can treat each spot 3x a day for up to 5 minutes per treatment.

The RejuvaWrap Infrared Sauna Blanket is another one of my favorites but can’t replace the red light therapy devices. The infrared light is invisible but goes deep into the body heating the body from the inside out, promoting healing and detoxing as you sweat. The RejuvaWrap X Sauna Blanket is the same but has arm holes so you can hold a book etc. while in the blanket.
I sometimes warm up with my  FlexCycle to be sure I get a good sweat going, increasing the detox effect. I fell asleep in about 60 seconds the first time I used it because it’s so relaxing for the entire body, I would describe the feeling as heavenly! It can’t replace a full sized sauna yet there are advantages to both. Sitting on a little wooden bench in a sauna for an hour can be uncomfortable, especially if you suffer from arthritic or other stiffness and pain. Laying in the blanket is very comfortable and takes less space and less power than a full sauna, and can easily be moved around, and comes with a great carrying case. Of course the blanket is cheaper too. There will be a free sauna blanket prize in an upcoming video!

The VizaCure LED Skin Mask is another one I have but can’t say how well it works as I don’t use it much but don’t know why, since you can charge it so it’s always easy to wear while doing other things but I forget about it. Alternate between red, amber, and blue lights to help manage a variety of mild to moderate skin concerns. The transparent and hands-free design allows you to work, read, watch TV, and more while experiencing the benefits of light therapy. The RevitaGlow Therapy Mask has a green light instead of the amber light. The green light is used for lymphatic drainage, detoxing the skin and balances oily skin. The newest mask, the RevitaGlow pro Therapy Mask was just released and also covers the chest or back. It has 4 color modes and 5 brightness levels.

There are other red light devices for the knee, hands and feet. I have not tried any of them yet. If you had specific issues with these areas they might very well be worth the investment but if you don’t have any red light products I would start with one that is more versatile (like the belts or torch lights) so it can be used for several areas of the body.

Just in!! The RejuvaGrow Red Light Hair Growth cap! There are so many people with thinning hair, so hoping the cap works well. I would also wonder if it would help migraines and other brain issues, as they may not be able to make such claims.

So check out these products and others. It seems like  there is a new product every time I check out the site.


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