Multi Tasking Exercises with LifePro Vibration Therapy and FlexCycle

For good health we often think about diet and supplements and forget about exercise and relaxation through meditation, being in nature, sauna etc.

Our bodies are designed to move but these days too many of us spend too much time at our computers, sitting at an office job, sitting in our cars or watching TV. I like to use red light therapy, take supplements, use PEMF, negative ions, and even rife treatments with Spooky2. But I’m realizing more every day that when these things don’t work as well as they could on their own along with a good diet, exercise can be a game changer.

The best exercise for you is the one you will do. Exercise equipment is one of the most common items people buy but barely ever use so make sure you choose exercise and any equipment needed realistically.

The ones I have found that I do actually use are the LifePro FlexCycle and the vibration platform. For me these are perfect. I got rid of my old exercise bike that was big and bulky and cost me several hundred dollars. The Flex Cycle is much less expensive but I prefer it. It’s light weight, much smaller, easy to move to different rooms, simple to use and I can use it from any chair. I prefer an adjustable office chair so I can adjust the height etc. I use the bands that attach to it to increase the cardio benefits while getting some upper body movement and toning happening at the same time. When it comes to exercise I’m definitely a multi-tasking kind of person. I want to get as much done as I can in the shortest amount of time possible. I do all of this while watching videos online. It sure beats just sitting on my chair motionless while watching my favorite videos. Reading works well while cycling as well.

I also multi-task on the vibration platform in several ways. Supposedly you can get an hour’s worth of workout in 15 minutes if you do it on a vibration platform. That works for me! Sometimes I use the massage gun on my glutes and legs while on the platform. It’s also a good time to wear my red light therapy belt, VizaCure, and use some hand weights. There are many exercise videos you can watch with the platforms in the LifePro VIP FB group and on YouTube for every level and every part of the body. Look for Debby, Amber and Rosanna, they all have some great videos. The platforms come with a set of bands as well that you can use with arms or even legs while you get your vibration therapy.

Of course after a workout it’s always nice to relax in a sauna blanket with some good tunes playing, the most relaxing place in my house!


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