Home Made Rice Milk

Home Made Rice Milk Recipe

I’ve been trying different non dairy “milks” lately on my non-kefir days, which aren’t milk of course but I use them in place of milk for my smoothies.
I got liking rice milk the best lately, but there are no good brands in Canada without at least canola oil so I decided to make my own again. It’s easy, much cheaper, and healthier than any store bought rice milk.
This is my recipe I have used and like:
8 cups water (or colloidal silver)
1 cup long grain brown rice (you can use other rices)
Cook for 3 hours!
Strain with a milk bag or I like to use a mesh strainer.
Add 8 more cups water to the liquid so you end up with 4 quarts of rice drink from 1 cup of brown rice. (it’s pretty milky, you can even add more water).
Add any sweetener you like using, to taste. (I use honey or a couple or more dates) (optional)
Vanilla (to taste, start with 1 tsp.) (optional)
Concentrace minerals – (optional)
Pour into four 1 quart/litre jars. Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks, but I actually use colloidal silver instead of water so know for sure it will stay fresh for a solid 2 weeks.
Use in smoothies and any other recipes you would normally use milk. Works great for golden milk with turmeric.
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